54 plays can be broken up into a lot of different subdivisions, some more useful than others.  Following, my attempt to look at this thing from a number of angles.


Thematic Subdivision Plays
UNSPOKEN:Stories centred around things unsaid. Oh SudanahConjugalSalome’s Clothes

No Wall So High

OUTSPOKEN:Protagonists find and exert their voice. In the Days of My VirginityBilguisa Speaks OutTakers
APOCRYPHAL:Untold corners of well worn tales. WitchhuntThe ChariotGive It Up


IMPERTINENT:Irreverent takes on significant happenings. Shirts/SkinsCougar HuntStrip Mall

Masai Marathon

INTRUSIVE:Friction catalyzed by arrival of an outlander. CakeA Man A FishGas Girls


COLLATERAL:As in indirect. A gathering of tones that shade more than they colour in. Bag of StonesFattyDamper
TENACIOUS:Solution oriented protagonists.  Bettering. The First StoneRabbit King of Kenya




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