Conjugal *


Fifteen year old Andrew wants his father to come home.  Imprisoned for his poetry, Jack just wants change.  When a guard taks an interest in Andrew, their weekly visits offer new possibilities.


Dramaturge: Yvette Nolan

Obsidian Theatre workshop artists: Philip Akin (director), Mel Hague (dramaturge), Aayinde Blake, Araya Mengesha, Awaovieye Agie, Marci T. House, Craig Jones (actors)


90 minutes (projected)


4m, 1f


Theatre, general audience, linear, narrative


Developed in the Obsidian Theatre playwrights unit 2012/13.

Public reading by Obsidian Theatre, June 2013

Developed at Banff Centre Playwright’s Colony 2014, with Banff acting ensemble (Tracey Ferencz, Daniel Fernandes, Steven Gallagher, Jesse Gervais, PJ Prudat, Donna Soares) under the leadership of Brian Quirt and Jenna Rodgers.

Closed reading at Alberta Theatre Projects with actors Braden Griffiths, Matthew Berdahl, David Van Belle, Janelle Cooper, Duval Lang under the leadership of Vanessa Porteous and Laurel Green.


the works of imprisoned Malawi poet Jack Mapanje



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