Expat ~


Mussolini marches through Ethiopia and Josephine Baker just can’t sit still.  When the Americans decline her offer of help, Josephine finds new allies who see her touring itinerary as an asset.


2 hours


2 f, 4 m


Musical theatre.





One comment on “Expat ~

  1. Philip Adams says:

    Dear Ms DM.

    I was cheerfully delighted to discover your interest in Mlle Baker’s life and times. That she was a spy for Allies is even more intriguing. Her travels through Africa are indeed legendary but invisible ink and underwear-pinned missives? How informative!

    Now, I don’t know if you have anyone in mind with whom you’d like to work on this delightful idea, but I would be honoured to send in my resume which will, in part, outline my interest in Mlle Baker and You.

    Sincerely yours,

    Philip Adams
    from somewhere on the plains

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