I don’t know.  Is anything ever?  There’s a little legend on the Status Update post, and here’s my take on how close things are to being staged.

LEGIT (as in, published or produced)

  • Gas Girls
  • A Man A Fish
  • Salome’s Clothes
  • No Wall So High
  • Cake
  • Sound of the Beast
  • Give It Up

DRY INK (i have put my pen down, and you’re welcome to it)

  • Conjugal
  • Oh, Sudanah
  • The First Stone
  • Bilguisa Speaks Out

SO CLOSE (i am a workshop away and could use some development support)

  • The Chariot
  • Rabbit King of Kenya
  • Just Now
  • Click, Click

EARLY DAYS (a draft exists but there’s a ways to go yet.  open to partnerships)

  • Bag of Stones
  • Dark Love
  • Hunt / Peck
  • Pass Muster
  • Strip Mall
  • Whole/Some
  • Witchhunt

COMMISSIONED WORKS (in development, going steady)

  • Pirate and the Lone Voice
  • Diggers
  • The Smell of Horses

NOTIONS (i can see it clearly, i just can’t show you yet. if you want in on the ground floor, this is it.)

  • Bad Air
  • Good Water
  • Unteachable

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