I don’t know.  Is anything ever?  There’s a little legend on the Status Update post, and here’s my take on how close things are to being staged.

LEGIT (as in, published or produced)

Gas Girls

A Man A Fish

Salome’s Clothes

No Wall So High

DRY INK (i have put my pen down, and you’re welcome to it)



Oh Sudanah

The First Stone

Give It Up

Sound of the Beast

SO CLOSE (i am a workshop away and could use some development support)

The Chariot

Rabbit King of Kenya

Bilguisa Speaks Out

EARLY DAYS (a draft exists but there’s a ways to go yet.  seeking partnerships)


Bag of Stones

Strip Mall

Dark Love

Just Now

Pass Muster

Hunt and Peck


In the Days of My Virginity

NOTIONS (i can see it clearly, i just can’t show you yet. if you want in on the ground floor, this is it.)



The Second Certainty

Pirate and the Lone Voice


Masai Marathon


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