Oh Sudanah ~


When we are removed from what’s going on we can talk about it with distance, clarity, vision.   What do we say if we are in the middle, in the nucleus?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe nothing several times.  In several ways.


Directors: Joan Kivanda (rps), Ulla Laidlaw (BUZZ)

Actors: Ryan Field and Sabryn Rock (rps), Ben Sanders and Simone Saunders (BUZZ)


45 minutes


1 m, 1 f


Theatre / Interdisciplinary.  Stylized vignettes.  Non linear.


  • Presented at bcurrent theatre’s rock.paper.sistahz festival 2008 and Theatre Passe Muraille’s BUZZ Festival 2010
  • Developed with support from Theatre Passe Muraille,  Nightwood Theatre and Native Earth Performing Arts.
  • Developed in a Canada Council for the Arts supported residency at Canada’s National Arts Centre, 2014 with English Theatre ensemble members Petrina Bromley, Christine Brubaker, Dmitry Chepovetsky, David Coomber, Eric Davis, Leah Doz, Sheldon Elter, Quancetia Hamilton, Eliza-Jane Scott, Joey Tremblay, under the leadership of Jillian Keiley and Sarah Garton Stanley.


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