On the Hill ~


A village burns.  A people hope.  A moving piece for words and bodies.  This interdisciplinary piece explores the conflict between faith and pragmatism in a time of crisis.


Choreographers: Vivine Scarlett and Pulga Muchochoma

Performers: Salé Almirante, Roney Lewis, Mafa Makhubalo, Tawiah M’carthy, Gabriella Parson, Nawa Nicole Simon, Sodienye Waboso, Jelani Ade, Olivia Duo
Tiffany Claire Martin, Klaytein Mittoo, Kashka Wyatt

Musicians: Kobena Aquaa-Harrison, Achilla Orru and Gein Wong

Designers: Alaina Perttula (lighting), Isidra Cruz (costumes), Richard Lee (Sound)

Workshop Choreographers: Bonnie Kim,

Writer: DM St. Bernard


40 minutes


Interdisciplinary.  Dance, spoken word.


7 m/f


  • Dancemakers Residency 2011
  • Development supported by Canada Council for the Arts Inter-Arts Program and Ontario Arts Council Multi-Arts Program.

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