The Chariot *


The Chariot begins with one man’s quest to improve the quality of life for his community.  He seeks the advice of a wealthy merchant, who recommends he undertake a show of opulence to gain the trust of his community so that he can better advise them.  The object of this opulence – a golden chariot which replaces a practical but weathered wooden cart – becomes the central focus of the village’s efforts.


Co-composers: Pamela Gilmartin and DM St. Bernard

Workshop artists: Kawa Ada, Derek Kwan, Richard Lee, Andrea Scott, Stephen Collella, Brenda St. Bernard


60 minutes (projected)


3 m, 1 f, possible chorus


Theatre for young audiences.  Linear Narrative.


micro-finance initiatives in Liberia and the economic reform of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf



-Workshopped with Young People’s Theatre, 2012

-developed in a Canada Council for the Arts supported residency at Canada’s National Arts Centre, 2014 with English Theatre ensemble members Petrina Bromley, Christine Brubaker, Dmitry Chepovetsky, David Coomber, Eric Davis, Leah Doz, Sheldon Elter, Quancetia Hamilton, Eliza-Jane Scott, Joey Tremblay, under the leadership of Jillian Keiley and Sarah Garton Stanley.

Development supported by:

  • the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creator’s Reserve Program, recommenders Theatre Direct, Carousel Theatre and Young People’s Theatre.
  • Toronto Arts Council’s Emerging Writer Program

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