The First Stone *


A mythic exploration of history, war and forgiveness, The First Stone chronicles the use of child soldiers in the Ugandan civil war which lasted over twenty years.


Playwright: DM St. Bernard

Dramaturg/Director: Isaac Thomas

Actors: Awaovieyi Agie, Peter Bailey, Lisa Karen Cox, Rita Shelton Deverell, Miranda Edwards, Lilli Francks, Julien Hyacinthe, Marcia Johnson, Joan Kivanda, Araya Mengesha, Idil Mussa, Camille Lesley-Ann Walker, Kashka Wyatt

Sound Design: Christian Hurst


2 hours


4 f, 3 m, chorus


Theatre.  Linear, narrative, poetic.


Ugandan communities recovering and rebuilding after a protracted civil war, particularly the people of Gulu.


Presented at:

  • bcurrent theatre’s rock.paper.sistahs festival 2008
  • Summerworks 2008 reading series

Development supported by:

  • Canada Council for the Arts – Theatre Projects – Emerging Artists’ Development
  • Ontario Arts Council – Theatre Projects
  • Ontario Arts Council – International Residency (Dynamo Theatre, Uganda)
  • Ontario Arts Council – Theatre Creator’s Reserve (Recommenders: Theatre Passe Muraille and bcurrent theatre)
  • Toronto Arts Council – Theatre Projects
  • developed in a Canada Council for the Arts supported residency at Canada’s National Arts Centre, 2014 with English Theatre ensemble members Petrina Bromley, Christine Brubaker, Dmitry Chepovetsky, David Coomber, Eric Davis, Leah Doz, Sheldon Elter, Quancetia Hamilton, Eliza-Jane Scott, Joey Tremblay, under the leadership of Jillian Keiley and Sarah Garton Stanley.

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