Cake ^



“A man earns.  However little, however nefariously, he earns.”

~     ~     ~

Oba holds together the last shreds of his dignity with trembling hands under the watchful eyes of his progeny.  Torn between pride and need, he ultimately chooses the burden of survival.

~     ~     ~

Cake humanizes the dynamic between Niger and Iran around the clandestine trade in uranium. A scathing allegory that examines Niger’s complicit dealings in uranium, international aide and Iranian interests, Cake presents a critical assessment of oppression imposed by conditional assistance.

~     ~     ~

A stylized storytelling


Playwright: DM St. Bernard

Director: Clare Preuss

Actors: Ash Knight, Neema Bickersteth, Jamie Robinson, Nana Boateng Frimpong, Jeremiah Sparks, Musa Luswata

Set and Costume Designer: Isidra Cruz

Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay

Sound Designer: Kevin Centeno

Stage Manager: Sarah O’Brien

Production Manager: Sandra Lefrancois


60 minutes


3 m, 1 f


Theatre.  Abstract, stylized (incl. physical/choral).


Cake was workshopped in 2011 and presented in various stages of development at:

  • University of Toronto’s Festival of Original Theatre: Performing Postcolonialities – Toronto, Ontario
  •  Springworks Festival—Stratford, Ontario
  • Mayworks Festival—Toronto, Ontario
  • Bayimba Festival—Kampala, Uganda

Development has been generously supported by

  • Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creator’s Reserve Program.    Recommenders: Cahoots Theatre, MT Space Theatre, Obsidian Theatre Company and Summerworks Theatre Festival.
  • Toronto Arts Council’s Theatre Program



intrigue and speculation around illicit uranium trade in Niger


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