Salome’s Clothes ^



A single mother of two young girls remarries in a match that deeply disrupts the family beneath the surface. Is her silence a result of ignorance, or well meaning complicity?  Inspired by painting “Gift of Saffron” by Janine Evans (below).


70 minutes


3 f


Theatre.  Linear Narrative.  Allegory.


predatory resource depletion of Cote D’Ivoire by international ‘allies’


Playwright: DM St. Bernard

Dramaturge:  Isaac Thomas, Keira Loughran

Directors: Isaac Thomas (Toronto), Kristen Nixon (Calgary), Clare Preuss (Toronto, Stratford)

Actors: Ash Knight, Miranda Edwards, Karen Robinson, Sabryn Rock (2008); Helen Knight, Joleen Ceraldi  and Jillian Daniel (2009), Neema Bickersteth, Virgilia Griffith, Karen Robinson (2013)


  • Production: by Body Theatre for Summerworks Festival, Toronto, 2013
  • Staged reading: by Body Theatre at Springworks Festival, Stratford, 2013
  • Presented at Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival, Calgary, 2009
  • Reading: Obsidian Theatre’s Mussgorsky Project, Toronto, 2008

PICTURED: cast of Sage Theatre performance.  L-R: Jillian Daniel, Helen Knight, Joleen Ceraldi  


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